OECD COVID-19 Recovery Dashboard

How does your country fare in building back a stronger and more inclusive, green and resilient economy and society?

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Progress on recovery
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Is the COVID-19 pandemic under control? Are economies and labour markets getting back on track? How broad-based is the recovery? The Strong dimension is about assessing the general impact of the pandemic on the prosperity of households and businesses, and monitoring immediate signals of the revival of economic activity.

Economic activity

Household income

Excess deaths

Hours worked

Business dynamics


How has the pandemic affected the income and jobs of the most vulnerable? Are efforts to build back better effective in ensuring that economies and societies create opportunities for all? The Inclusive dimension is about understanding the impact of the pandemic on people and whether countries are moving towards a more inclusive growth trajectory.

Income inequality

Financial insecurity

Labour underutilisation

Young people not in employment, education or training

People with low satisfaction with life


Are countries using the recovery to transition to a greener economy? Are they on a path to meet their climate goals? The Green dimension is about monitoring countries’ progress towards achieving a people-centred green transition, consistent with the goals of the Paris Agreement and the 2030 Agenda.

Greenhouse gas emissions

Renewable energy

Material consumption

Outdoor air pollution

Natural land


Are economies and societies becoming more capable of confronting risks such as the COVID-19 pandemic? And are they ready to face the challenges of the future? The Resilient dimension considers some of the factors that support the preparedness of economies and societies against future shocks.

COVID-19 vaccination rate


Broadband coverage

Trust in government